Sharmin Prince

3 things you and your best clients have in common by Sharmin Prince

• Strong communication skills
Effective communication is key to building and maintaining successful relationships, both personally and professionally. When my clients and I have a mutual understanding of expectations, goals, and progress, it leads to a more positive and productive partnership.

• A willingness to collaborate and problem-solve
It’s important to work together with my clients to address challenges and find solutions that benefit everyone. When I approach problems as a team, it strengthens my relationship and results in better outcomes.

• A shared vision for success:
When my clients and I share a common goal and understand each other’s objectives, it can lead to a more successful partnership. This alignment often helps ensure that everyone is working towards the same end result and helps build trust and confidence in the relationship.

About Sharmin Prince

Welcome to my journey. I am Sharmin Prince, born and raised by one of the most resilient women in Georgetown, Guyana. I migrated to the United States at age 33 and have been here for the last 23 years. With that same resilience, I am determined to conquer the struggles and hurdles life has thrown my way. My creativity has enabled me to use these obstacles to drive me towards my goals and climb mountains to overcome hurdles blocking my path. This experience has given me a unique opportunity to help others. I am proud to say that I am an active listener, humanitarian, leader, and empath. I've developed my skills through education and work to get to where I am today, and I am dedicated to helping others every day. Over the past four years, I have been able to do all that I have done without major funding and continue to be creative in my process.

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