7 Tips to Broaden Your Customer Reach and Increase Sales

7 Tips to Broaden Your Customer Reach and Increase Sales

How to Find New Customers for Your Small Business

As a small business trying to stand out from the crowd, you don’t have a huge budget for marketing as is the case with large brands. We have the right solution that will help you reach out to more people and promote your brand. 

Although there are numerous marketing channels, it is hard to attract new customers unless you first reach them. But how?

  1. Use Social Media

Firstly, hit social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to generate more leads and increase your customer engagement. Sharing unique content on these platforms can increase your brand awareness and this will translate to an increase in customer reach.

Another effective tip is to hire social media influencers to help promote your business on social media platforms. By working with an influencer who has a huge following, you will be able to reach thousands and millions of users in a short space of time. 

  1. Incorporate Digital Marketing Strategies

You can reach a wide customer base by combining digital marketing strategies like email marketing, content marketing, video marketing and pay-per-click (PPC). By employing these digital marketing strategies, you can expand reach exponentially.

  1. Network

Rely on your existing network and word of mouth to reach out to potential customers. Take the initiative to network within your target market and establish trust that can help you grow your customer base. Attend business functions like trade shows and participate in community and social functions as much as possible. This type of networking can lead you to find new customers.

  1. Leverage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Effective use of keywords can push your website up the rankings, perhaps to the all-important page 1 of Google and this will improve your site’s visibility exponentially. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly monitor your website to ensure that your keywords improve your market reach. 

  1. Use Referral Marketing

Referral marketing involves using past and existing customers to spread the word about your products and services if they are satisfied with them. This type of marketing can be effective in reaching out to new customers since most people buy products after getting recommendations from other people. 

  1. Give Free Trials

Giving free giveaways like trials, gifts, promotional sales and discounts can help nurture your relationship with existing customers. Nevertheless, you can use this strategy to increase your customer reach. For instance, you can create a condition where a customer gets a free giveaway if they refer your products/service and brand to other people. This will undoubtedly boost your marketing reach. 

  1. Use a Call to Action

Whatever marketing strategy you use, always include a call to action that encourages potential customers to check out your brand. A call to action will prompt the customer to make a decision, follow up, ask questions or learn more. You can create a call to action in the form of an offer, a question or a suggestion.

Start Reaching Out to Customers

Ready to broaden the audience for your small business? Combine social media and several digital marketing strategies to create and engage with new customers. You may also want to use both online and offline marketing methods to reach a wider customer base and make your brand more visible.

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