Aside from AI, what emerging tech should leaders be aware of?

Aside from AI, what emerging tech should leaders be aware of?

No emerging tech has been hyped as much as generative artificial intelligence. Tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney are making waves as the apps take the knowledge economy by storm. But there’s more to emerging tech than generative AI. Let’s explore the other new technologies that leaders should keep their eyes on.

4 Emerging Technology Trends to Look Out For

Generative AI is just one of the many emerging technologies that should be on leaders’ watch. According to Gartner, there are four emerging tech spaces that we all should look at, namely:

Emergent AI

Leaders should put more attention on emergent AI technologies that thrived alongside generative AI. Why? It’s because these emergent AI technologies can enhance how businesses and organisations operate, from improving customer experience to helping brands stand out from the competition effectively.

Technologies to look out for: The emergent AI space is broad, covering a wide range of artificial intelligence, including generative AI. Causal AI and neuro-symbolic AI are especially interesting examples. The latter can perform a degree of reasoning similar to real people; meanwhile, the latter combines neural and symbolic AI, addressing their weaknesses and allowing for an intelligence capable of cognition and learning, among others.

Developer experience technologies

Also known as DevX, this covers tech that creates seamless interactions between software developers and the platforms, processes and tools at their disposal.

Technologies to look out for: Key technologies in the DevX space include collaborative frameworks such as internal developer portals and open-source programme offices, as well as versatile API-centric SaaS that allow developers to create bespoke solutions effortlessly. AI and machine learning also play a prominent role here in the form of AI-augmented software engineering.

Pervasive cloud computing

The next decade will see the pervasive adoption of the cloud, allowing for a greater degree of collaborative innovation in businesses. The pervasive cloud will be more distributed, and its associated technologies focus on collaboration, compatibility and addressing industry-specific needs, making them especially useful for vertical industries and markets.

Technologies to look out for: The all-encompassing nature of pervasive cloud will be facilitated by agile and collaborative technologies such as cloud-based development environments and industry cloud. Also worth noting is the growing trend of augmented FinOps, whose DevOps-based processes will be automated and improved by AI and machine learning.

Human-centric security and privacy

As digital threats evolve, cybersecurity has to step up and keep pace. Cybersecurity technologies for the modern Internet are growing to be more human-centric, with a special focus on online privacy.

Technologies to look out for: Generative AI will once again play a key role in securing personal information, mainly through synthetic data that protects the actual data and minimises the risks of data breaches. Technologies such as homomorphic encryption and post quantum cryptography allow for complex layers of data protection that can counter rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.


It pays for leaders to broaden their horizons and look beyond the latest hype. This will not only keep them up to date with the recent developments in tech but will also give them a good head start at leveraging new technologies that could benefit their organisation.

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