Augemented Reality and the brands that rock it

Augemented Reality and the brands that rock it

Augmented Reality, also known as AR, has long been considered the next big thing in tech. AR allows digital images and information to be represented on physical surfaces. In other words, it’s a technologically enhanced version of the actual world, obtained using digital visual elements, sound, other sensory stimuli and external information. 

Companies use AR to increase brand awareness, deliver information and content, and personalise marketing strategies. Here are the brands, both established and start-up, that use AR to great effect. 


The Dutch-based company that sells home accessories, furniture and kitchen appliances has developed the IKEA studio application. This enables users to generate 3D space design. The app enhances the customer experience and is an effective marketing tool to encourage customer engagement.


Cadbury’s Advent Heroes Event used the power of AR technology to increase audience engagement. The company distributes Holiday Heroes calendars that are paired with AR technology. Customers get a dynamic experience every time they search for a date on the calendar. It’s a smart marketing tool that keeps customers engaged which was partnered with the #cadvent campaign.


The American multinational created a real-world hair-dyeing salon that provides a unique experience to customers. People can tap on the item they like to get product information through blogs or videos. The user can scan the QR code found on the store’s shelf which would take him or her to the e-commerce page to test the hair dye using AR technology. This helps boost customer engagement as well as providing more details about the products using the power of AR.


Gucci has pioneered the use of AR technology in the luxury industry. The brand which is known for selling apparel, accessories and leather goods has integrated AR on their app. The system enables consumers to try products to see if they fit and for better understanding of suitability and design. It provides a unique shopping experience that will help consumers make a decision in terms of making a purchase.


The retail giant uses AR to improve its operations. The technology has helped Walmart in terms of monitoring stock levels so replenishment can be done in real-time. It may have an indirect impact on customers but it helps provide a seamless experience for shoppers who are looking for specific items as they would know the products’ availability right away.

Augmented Reality closes the gap between the real and digital world. Once the world accepts this kind of norm, let us expect a new set of technological revolutions in the years to come. 

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