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Hiro Nakayama – Scent Communicator & Founder of Project Felicia

Hiro Nakayama

Hiro Nakayama’s commitment to incense has coincided with its acceptance into the fragrance industry. What’s your story? Since the last interview, a lot has happened. I have now relocated to Japan, expanding offerings into marketing, consulting, and events. I now focus more on incense because I experienced it frequently at …

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Marcus Ho – Director at Brew Interactive

Marcus Ho

Starting out as a video-gamer has not prevented Marcus Ho building a successful digital growth-marketing agency. What’s your story? I run a digital growth-marketing agency that works with firms in the B2B, education, and finance industries to grow their awareness, lead acquisition, or lead to opportunity conversion rates. Today, we …

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Barry Warrington – Director of Wellness Operations, Serensia Woods

What’s your story? Over the last 24 years I has worked for many prestigious brand names in the business including Chiva Som, Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Imperial Spa Thailand, as well as boutique medical lifestyle wellness brands such as Tria Integrative Wellness in Bangkok, IS Wellness, Integrative Wellness Consultants, …

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