Tim Gray

I work with business owners & senior managers to rapidly pinpoint complex supply chain process problems and solve them. I do this by quickly assessing the critical drivers in your supply chain and find and focus on the areas that will return the highest impact. I founded Prophit Systems because I deeply believe that if you give good people great tools and clear goals, they will give you outstanding results. We help our clients transform their supply chain management into a game changer.

If you were starting your business from scratch today, what would be the biggest change?

Not using a cleverly created company name! I was really proud of the name I came up with ‘Prophit Systems’ for my software company – combining the words Prophet and Profit. But for those who hear about us and google Profit Systems, or even Profit Software, they are unlikely to find us. Lesson learned – keep it simple, do make it about what your company does, and don’t make it something that spellcheck will not recognise.

Tim Gray

What would constitute a perfect day for you?

My perfect work day in my perfect world would look a little like this:

7am Run along the beach
8am Breakfast with my wife at our favourite café
9am Review emails and debrief with GM
9.30am Daily toolbox with staff confirming our teams and customers are happy and everything is on track and new orders are being scheduled
10.30am Off shore fishing trip with my daughters and a few mates
6pm Cooking up an exotic fish meal or enjoying a fiesta with a good Pinot at a local bar
9pm Downtime – show or series on TV.

Tim Gray

Pitch your business to a complete stranger who knows nothing about your industry

We are a world leading Supply Chain Solutions Company that develops and implements supply chain management software for multi-site manufacturing companies.

Our software clearly shows you every supply pothole and every delivery pitfall before you’re in it and allows you to navigate choices and understand the consequence of each choice, so you can optimise your cost to serve whilst providing high customer service.

Our solutions save our customers millions of dollars annually and hours of wasted time every day and we have become the preferred supply chain solutions company for packaging and FMCG throughout APAC.

Tim Gray
Founder, Prophit Systems.

What skill have I developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in my career?

I have learnt the skill of learning how to truly listen, and to ensure my client knows I am listening.

Once we have shown that we understand their problem or predicament then we can start working with them towards a solution. Failing to acknowledge the struggles and desires of the incumbent is bound to lead to false starts in trying to improve any situation.

In the words of Dr Steven Covey, you must first seek to understand and then be understood.

Tim Gray – Entrepeneur & MD Prophit Systems

What are your clients really buying?

At Prophit Systems our clients are buying more than just the best supply chain solutions in the world, they are actually buying clarity and confidence. Our solutions offer unique scenario modelling and true foresight so they can see the consequences of their decisions in real time (clarity), whilst being able to ensure they best serve their customers with maximum savings and the most optimal machine and warehouse configuration possible (confidence.)

Tim Gray
MD Prophit Systems

What is your number one hack for getting yourself motivated when things seem hopeless?

As a business owner and entrepreneur I have had many challenges, setbacks, sharp learning curves and I’ve seen a few missed opportunities. You learn to celebrate the wins and that somedays there is no alternative but to dust yourself off and remind yourself why you embarked on this journey. I also tend to:

• Refocus on what we are trying to achieve and why we are trying to achieve it
• Confirm the outcomes are still a priority
• Ratify the best way to achieve the goal
• Confirm the estimated reward exceeds the estimated cost to achieve

You just have to keep onto it!

Tim Gray, Prophit Systems.

What is your best advice for people on how to recruit great team members?

Ask your customers and ex customers personally if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your organisation. This works well because:

1) It will force you to distil exactly what you are looking for in a sound bite
2) It tells your network that you are doing well
3) It stimulates brand awareness as they ask their cohorts
4) Referred candidates are often suggested because they present as a good cultural fit.

What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you?

In Business if you can’t see a problem, you can’t solve it.

Many companies assume that because they have smart people working hard, they probably won’t benefit from having purpose built planning systems.

We commonly save our clients 450% of our total costs in the first year. We do this by allowing your teams to shift their focus away from managing tedious spreadsheets, raising their line of sight, and equipping them with problem detection systems. Our programs augment their decision making by highlighting the choices they have, and the impact on cost and service levels while they plan.

What impact could your team make if they could focus on problems before they arrived?

What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business?

There’s a lot of marketing hype and rhetoric around the digital transformation of supply chain.
We’ve been partnering and collaborating with Microsoft and some of our clients to perfect the ability to plug advanced cloud based analytics and AI solvers into our award winning planning solutions. This enables us to bring to the fore virtually unlimited processing capabilities for those times when you really need to know the absolute best solution to a planning problem.
It’s really exciting adding our 20 years’ experience and expertise helping clients to make faster more informed planning decisions to now having access to virtually unlimited power. With Microsoft’s help we are able to provide pragmatic solutions to even the most complex supply chains problems.