Be the ‘not the ordinary’ to drive people and customers to your business; with Karen Tan

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Jim James interviews Karen Tan, the founder and CEO of The Projector, an independent cinema and arts and cultural space in Singapore. Karen shares how The Projector was created to provide a mental breathing space where people can engage with interesting content and break out of their silos. The space shows alternative film content, hosts non-film content, and invites different interest groups to feel comfortable sharing the same space. Karen also shares how The Projector started, which was a crucial piece of the puzzle in getting noticed and on the radar.

Karen provides some tips on how to create a community-led business to get an entrepreneur and a business noticed. She emphasises the importance of getting the neighbourhood behind the business before opening the doors and screening films. In The Projector’s case, they used crowdfunding as a marketing tool to bring like-minded people together, raise money, and build project ownership. She encourages entrepreneurs to fill a void in the landscape and make their business community-led to attract a loyal following. By doing so, people feel invested in the success of the business, and it becomes a community effort.

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