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    Your Voice - Grow your exposure through answering questions!
  • You have years or even decades of experience and we want to get your opinion on a wide aray of topics related to entrepreneurship and running a business.

    How it works:

    Firstly you need to register with us below as an Enterprise Ambassador. This is a role for entrepreneurs who have a few years of experience behind them and are willing to share it to build their profile online. We will give you the opportunity to shine, but in return we expect you to be an ambassador for the site. Share your content, recommend other entrepreneurs you think we should feature etc. In turn, others will share your work and everyone's profile benefits.


    Each week you will receive an email with a specific question to answer. You will log into the EnterpriseZone website and submit your answer. All answers are limited to less than 100 words so this is quick and easy to complete but the potential exposure it will give you is wide reaching.

    Our editor will review your answer and then publish it on the website.

    Our social media team will share the best answers with the wider world, and we will syndicate your content to other sites. You can, and should, also share your answers with your network.

    Finally, our own journalists will be scanning the answers and will look to quote you in articles they submit to ours and other sites giving you further exposure.


    The questions have been specifically selected to allow you to give your unique take on them. The more authentic you are the better this works so please answer from your own experience and not what you think people want to hear or what you have read other people say. There are no wrong answers, just what you have learnt over the years.

    The questions will come through at the same time each week but from time to time we will send through additional questions - These are likely to be 'timely' questions related to some newsworthy event that is being covered in the media at the time. In most cases you will only have just 24 or 48 hours to respond to these but combined with our own journalists this has the potential for even wider reach.

    Example question: What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career?

    Note: Each question you answer will be connected with your profile as an Ambassador for EntrepriseZone. The more questions you answer the deeper your profile and the more exposure you will get. However, you do not need to answer every question, so feel free to cherry pick if you don't feel comfortable with one question or are just too overwhelmed with work one week.


    Normally investing in a public relations firm to try and get you this exposure would cost you many thousands of dollars each month. Instead, we want to position you as an authority so that other media will start to approach you for comment.

    To cover the cost of a professional editor to review your comments plus the social media team and the journalists, it is going to cost you just $240 for a year - yes, that's less than a dollar a day to get the exposure that most companies pay tens of thousands for over the course of a year.

    What's more, the first thing we do when you pay the above is take a chunk of that money and donate 100% of to providing a years worth of eLearning services to a child in a developing country through B1G1.com

    In that way your influence on the World starts immediately!

    Let's do this! We look forward to having you join our Ambassador programme!

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