Can you help your team improve their communication skills?

Can you help your team improve their communication skills?

We’re told that communication is a two-way street. To be more accurate, though, it is an intersection where people come together and exchange thoughts and ideas, then come to an understanding of each other’s points.

Communication is essential in any workplace where cooperation is expected between colleagues. As such, it is important for each member of a team to be able to communicate effectively. That doesn’t mean regurgitating one point after another during meetings, or taking any and all input without question.

According to Christian Espinosa, a leading entrepreneur, leaders should encourage everyone to communicate, speaking what’s on their mind and keeping their ears open to everyone else’s ideas.

“How well your team communicates determines how well it performs, and.leaders need to be clear about what they need and what they expect from their team. Start with yourself and set an example that everyone can follow.”

Let’s look at some tips that can help improve communications in your company:.

  1. Maintain an Open-Door Policy

Make yourself available to your team, and be open to their questions, ideas and feedback at all times. You can also hold anonymous surveys to accurately gauge individual opinions on relevant matters. Doing this breaks barriers, builds trust and helps your team members feel valued, opening the way to effective communications and improved collaboration.

  1. Know Your Team

Knowing the people in your team lets you effectively communicate with them on the individual level. Have a clear understanding of each of their personalities, then learn how you can connect with them. You should also understand the diverse make-up of your team and establish rules that take each member’s sensibilities into account. Doing so builds a bond between you and them, and lets you better facilitate communications between them.

  1. Communicate Tasks Clearly

Be clear when talking about things that need to be done. Be precise with your instructions, the objectives that need to be achieved and what you expect from each team member. Encourage them to ask questions and regularly check on them to make sure that they are doing their tasks correctly.

  1. Organise Meaningful Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are a great time to relax and bond with your team. Initiate casual discussion where you get to talk about practically anything; it doesn’t need to be work-related! A survey conducted a few years back showed that 79% of employees feel that coffee breaks boost morale and encourages productivity. Plus, who knows what out-of-the-box caffeine-fueled concepts you and your team may be able to come up with?

  1. Take Advantage of Mobile Technologies

Everyone owns a smartphone these days, so why not take advantage of mobile communications and collaboration technologies to improve your team’s cohesion? This is especially helpful for teams with members that work from a remote location.

  1. Be Honest and Accountable

Honesty and accountability can work wonders. Your team members will find you trustworthy if you’re transparent, honest and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Again, trust breaks barriers and is a strong foundation for effective communications.

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