Zhi Ying Chai – Commercial Director & Founding Member of YouAdMe

Zhi Ying Chai

Zhi Ying Chai had so much faith in her product she moved country to prove it worked. What’s your story? Before YouAdMe, I was providing creative services to businesses to drive user engagement through innovative content. However, I quickly realized businesses struggle to keep up with the behaviours of consumers …

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Prachi Saini – Director of Jetaime Perfumery and Singapore Memories

Prachi Saini

The power of perfume to reflect personality and inspire nostalgia is the foundation of Prachi Saini’s business What’s your story? I am the director and founder of Jetaime Perfumery and Singapore Memories, headquartered in Singapore. Jetaime Perfumery started out as a Perfume Workshop where people can make their Signature scent …

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