Christophe Derdeyn – Founder & Managing Director of Icon Cloud Solutions

Christophe Derdeyn

Christophe Derdeyn has created an organisation, with people whose acumen he trusts, whose aim is to help other organisations to expand and succeed. What’s your story? I am am Maverick entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. I’ve started (and exited from) several successful and a few less successful companies across …

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Raymond Lim – Founder of RL Consultancy

Raymond Lim

Raymond Lim’s journey from gambler to entrepreneur was not easy but has been successful. What’s your story? My path underwent a profound metamorphosis from compulsive gambler to accomplished entrepreneur. Once entranced by casino games and lotteries, I plunged into debt. Commencing as a bartender, I confronted formidable financial strains, but …

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