Rasti Vaibhav – Founder & Managing Director of Sydney-based Licenced Independent Buyer’s Agency Get RARE Properties

Rasti Vaibhav

Rasti Vaibhav has made it his goal to help others achieve their long terms goals through property investment. What’s your story? Rasti Vaibhav is an Architect and ex-Fund Manager where he directly managed $2 billion and is now serving as Australia’s ‘go-to’ property portfolio strategist. As a self-made robust portfolio …

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Uma Panch – Founder Uma Panch Business & Personal Coaching

Uma Panch

Self described ‘mindset alchemist’ Uma Panch is committed to inspiring others to join her quest to become extraordinary. What’s your story? I am a life enthusiast in search of my “Extraordinary”. I am on a quest to become the grandest version of myself and inspire others to become extraordinary. At …

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James Trevelyan – Founder & CEO of Coolzy

James Trevelyan

Having come up with an air conditioner which is both energy efficient and effective, James Trevelyan is now following another passion and searching for clean water solutions. What’s your story? I invented an extremely energy-efficient personal air conditioner that provides affordable air conditioning for everyone on the planet, without heating …

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5 Reasons You should Forecast More Frequently in Unprecedented Times – Tim Gray

Supply chains crisscross the globe and bring together goods, technology, people, innovation, training, and investment to manufacture products that most people couldn’t access, or afford to buy, a few decades ago. Supply chains form the backbone of the global economy. And when times are good and a company’s supply chains …

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