Global Entrepreneurs

Sir Angel Redoble – Group Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT Group & Smart Communications

Sir Angel Redoble

Sir Angel Redoble’s determination to make cyberspace a safer place is what has driven him to create an organisation dedicated to that goal. What’s your story? Today, I am the Group Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT Group & Smart Communications. However, it did not begin this way. Initially believing …

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Mohamed Abdullah – CEO of Hobbs Holdings & the Owner of the Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza in Singapore

Mohamed Abdullah

Despite having been serving his particular brand of pizza for 17 years, eating them with friends and family is still Mohamed Abdullah’s favourite way to unwind. What’s your story? My journey with Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza started as a Franchisee 17 years ago. I acquired master franchise rights for …

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Bentley Cheng – Founder of FinStyle app and Infinite Digital Solutions

Bentley Cheng

Bentley Cheng enjoys being a disrupter and has created a business where he can do that in the financial sector. What’s your story? I am the founder of FinStyle app and Infinite Digital Solutions. Understanding the stigma that many Singaporeans have against the financial planning industry, I wanted to bridge …

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Griffin Graham – Co-Founder & President, Community Nest Foundation

Griffin Graham

Griffin Graham’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life of disenfranchised people has led to the formation of a community resource. What’s your story? I grew up in Brooklyn, New York in an impoverished and abusive home environment and in a community where I witnessed devastating trauma. Rather than be …

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