Global Leader

Beatrice Liu – Founder and CEO, Oriental Remedies Group

Beatrice Liu

Beatrice Liu is confident that Traditional Chinese Medicine will become more important as society ages. What’s your story? I am the Co-Founder of Oriental Remedies Group, a fast-growing Traditional Chinese Medicine group offering patients a unique integrative approach towards treatment. I started my own business distributing wellness products when I …

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Dave Conway – Founder of Conway Consulting

Dave Conway

After years in the construction industry, Dave Conway followed his closet passion and started selling personal development. What’s your story? I spent over a decade in the construction industry as a general contractor and home builder. We specialised in home and light commercial construction. I was a closet personal development …

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Dr. Anuj R. Shah – CEO of Apex Heart & Vascular Care Vein Clinic

Kris Ruby

Personal tragedy gave Dr. Anuj R. Shah a passion educate society on the dangers of diabetes and related illnesses. What’s your story? I am an interventional cardiologist and founder of Apex Heart and Vascular. I am committed to educating patients on diabetes management and uncontrolled sugar levels. I teach the …

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