Global Leader

Christian Espinosa – Founder and CEO of Christian Espinosa, LLC. & Managing Director of Cerberus Sentinel

Christian Espinosa

What’s your story? After boredom with freelance work and a desire to contribute more, I founded Alpine Security, a cybersecurity company, in 2014. I quickly discovered in my entrepreneur journey that I was over my head, yet I didn’t admit it or get help. I finally got over myself and …

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Paul Carr – Founder & CEO of Paul Carr Consultancy Pte. Ltd.

Using his background in news broadcasting, Paul Carr has taken on the challenge of training others how to deal with the media. What’s your story? Media Interview Skills Coach who loves rehearsing media interviews or press conferences with company spokespeople. What excites you most about your industry? The fact that …

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Drew Stevens – CEO of Wisdom to Wealth Financial Advisory

Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens athletics background has informed his business life in that he aspires to exceed the goals he sets. What’s your story? I work with business owners and senior leaders of small to medium size businesses that struggle and transform them into competitive proof, revenue generating organizations. What excites you …

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