Global Leader

Raymond Lim – Founder of RL Consultancy

Raymond Lim

Raymond Lim’s journey from gambler to entrepreneur was not easy but has been successful. What’s your story? My path underwent a profound metamorphosis from compulsive gambler to accomplished entrepreneur. Once entranced by casino games and lotteries, I plunged into debt. Commencing as a bartender, I confronted formidable financial strains, but …

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Sekayi Mutambirwa – Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder of Blam Retail

Sekayi Mutambirwa

Inspired by a grandmother who had died before she was born, Sekayi Mutambirwa has refused to accept the cultural norms of the society she grew up in. What’s your story? I started my career in IT management consulting, travelling around Europe leading digital transformation projects in banks. I also angel …

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David Brooks – Founder & Managing Director of DHB Consulting

David Brooks

Always alert to the potential for change, David Brooks uses his expertise to help other companies. What’s your story? A consultant with significant financial services experience developing and implementing comprehensive business improvement solutions. Thought leadership skills gained by experience and through coaching leadership training and development programs. Consulting experience includes …

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