Global Leader

Stephen Barnes – Co-Founder of Encyclopedia of Intelligent Content Market

Stephen Barnes

A belief in the spreading of ideas, and an altruistic attitude to the difficulties of others are the motivators behind Stephen Barnes business. What’s your story? A decade ago I faced ruin. As an L.S.E educated lawyer, and Hong Kong immigration expert, I’d invested in businesses outside my core competencies. …

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Marisa Agrasut – Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer of The Inceptery

Marisa Agrasut’s instinctive commitment to innovation has led to her starting a company bringing fresh ideas to other businesses. What’s your story? As a kid I was always imagining, making, creating, improving – this was my way into this world! Studies focused on design and innovation (essentially problem solving and …

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Kristina Koehler-Coluccia – Head of Business Advisory at Woodburn Accountants & Advisors

Kristina Koehler-Coluccia has dedicated her professional life to understanding local and national business regulations in China and Hong Kong and passing that knowledge on to foreign companies contemplating investment there. What’s your story? My name is Kristina. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 2003 I joined my …

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