Global Leader

Suhaimie (Sam) Zulkifli – Co Founder & COO of HeyAlfred

Suhaimie (Sam) Zulkifli

A background in finance and experience in diverse industries gave Sam Zulkifli the wherewithal to start a fintech aimed at empowering people to achieve financial independence. What’s your story? I like discovering new things. My background was in Economics & Finance. I began my career as a management consultant where …

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Dr. Lynette Louise – Speaker & Performer at The Brain Broad

Dr. Lynette Louise

Awareness that we are always unfinished has motivated Lynette Louise to focus on improving the lives of others, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. What’s your story? Since my youngest years I have cared deeply for outliers and outcasts. People who were disabled, disliked, or misunderstood held my heart. I yearned …

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