Global Leader

Katrina Julia – Founder & CEO of FIT Life Creation

Katrina Julia

What’s your story? My story includes shifting from Fear to Faith, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, Lies to Love, Devaluing to Purity, Pain to Purpose and Bondage to Freedom. More on my story here and here What excites you most about your industry? The limitless possibilities What …

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Zhi Ying Chai – Commercial Director & Founding Member of YouAdMe

Zhi Ying Chai

Zhi Ying Chai had so much faith in her product she moved country to prove it worked. What’s your story? Before YouAdMe, I was providing creative services to businesses to drive user engagement through innovative content. However, I quickly realized businesses struggle to keep up with the behaviours of consumers …

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Prachi Saini – Director of Jetaime Perfumery and Singapore Memories

Prachi Saini

The power of perfume to reflect personality and inspire nostalgia is the foundation of Prachi Saini’s business What’s your story? I am the director and founder of Jetaime Perfumery and Singapore Memories, headquartered in Singapore. Jetaime Perfumery started out as a Perfume Workshop where people can make their Signature scent …

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