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What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by Matthew Flanagan

Matthew Flanagan

I expect artificial intelligence to have the biggest impact on my business, as it can help me streamline various operations and create labor savings. For example, AI can automate tasks such as accounting, inventory management, customer service, and marketing, allowing me to focus on the core aspects of my client’s …

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What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career? by Anand Narayan

Anand Narayan

At the onset of my career, I wish I had been advised to continuously seek knowledge, delve into books, and engage with experts to broaden my perspective. Emphasizing working smarter, not harder, through automation and simplicity would have been invaluable. Understanding that promotions come to those already performing at the …

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What is your biggest fear in business? by Ramesh Nair

Ramesh Nair

Navigating business terrain often brings uncertainties like unstable economies and tech reliance. Economic instability can result in unpredictable market trends, fluctuating consumer demand, and difficulties securing funding or investment. Similarly, an overreliance on technology can expose businesses to risks such as system failures, cybersecurity breaches, or being outpaced by rapid …

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