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To switch off from business and de-stress my go to solution is by James Trevelyan

James Trevelyan

We are blessed with the greatest endowment of flowering plants here in Western Australia. My diverstion from thinking about Coolzy is wander through natural bushland and photograph these amazing flowers. Here are some samples: Such natural beauty focuses my mind on sustainability and respect for nature. How could it …

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What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by Elton Kuah


Two main factors from the marketing industry perspective on this optimistic, better trust and stronger digital marketing ecosystem integration. building transparency in communicating how typical user data is collected and applied, resulting in stronger The other reason of my industry future optimistic is that there’s constant growth, be in via …

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What people and opportunities have you attracted in to your life in the past year that wouldn’t have been possible previously? by Zac Chua

Zac Chua

Once you’re established, people will come to you instead of you reaching out. The number of powerful people/CEOs I’ve met all because of a commodity is beyond amazing. I’ve had a ton of investment opportunities, as well as exclusive networking sessions and I look forward to more of them as …

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What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you? by April Lam

April Lam

I really enjoy listening to business’ long-term goals and it’s particularly critical when planning to expand to a new market, the goals can’t be short-lived and most markets might not break even within the first year. By clarifying the commitment and expectation in market-entry, it helps business owners to identify …

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In the last 12 months, the people you’ve met, the experiences you’ve had, the places you’ve been, what has been the highlight of the year (does not need to be related to business) by Sarah Kalmeta

Sarah Kalmeta

100% hands down the highlight of my last 12 months was returning to the US to visit my close friends and family. It’s been full of highs, lows, reconnections, rebirths, evolution, laughs, tears and returning to self. A true homecoming. My flight has been cancelled back to where I live …

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