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Name 3 things you and your best clients have in common by Indira Bunic

Indira Bunic

My best clients and I are committed to lifelong personal development and growth, continuously seeking to expand our knowledge and skills. We are united by a passion for ethical leadership, consistently striving to lead with integrity, authenticity, and responsibility. We also deeply value inclusivity and collaboration, believing in the power …

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What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you? by John Waweru

John Waweru

Before engaging with me, I wish my prospects would recognize the depth of my experience as a strategic security expert, particularly within the challenging maritime environment of the Western Indian Ocean region. My extensive background in maritime security has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of the unique threats and …

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Share one of your favourite marketing tools, tips or tricks by Sharmin Prince

Sharmin Prince

One of my favorite marketing tools is leveraging client testimonials. They’ve made a huge difference in my marketing efforts. Here’s how I use them: Collecting Testimonials: After a successful project, I always ask my clients to share their honest feedback. A simple email request often does the trick. Showcasing Testimonials: …

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