North America

Sasha Laghonh – Management Consultant & Strategist at Sasha Talks

Sasha Laghonh

What’s your story? When working as a business professional in corporate management and commercial sales, I was initially challenged to create new provisions that would grant me an opportunity to capitalize upon my talent that wasn’t publicly recognized to date. Sasha Talks was conceptualized so I could apply my spiritual …

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Yonason Goldson – Director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC

Yonason Goldson

A conviction in the benefits of an ethical approach to business has driven Yonason Goldson to sharing his beliefs more widely. What’s your story? I work with leaders to create a culture of ethics that builds trust, sparks initiative, and drives productivity. After four decades studying and articulating the wisdom …

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Diane Helbig – Chief Improvement Catalyzer of Helbig Enterprises

After many years working in small businesses, Diane Helbig realised she could successfully put that experience to helping others. What’s your story? In 2006, after working my whole life as an employee, I decided I would rather be the victim of my own decisions than of someone else’s. After conversations …

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Dr. Lynette Louise – Speaker & Performer at The Brain Broad

Dr. Lynette Louise

Awareness that we are always unfinished has motivated Lynette Louise to focus on improving the lives of others, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. What’s your story? Since my youngest years I have cared deeply for outliers and outcasts. People who were disabled, disliked, or misunderstood held my heart. I yearned …

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