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Neelu Kaur – Founder of Neelu Kaur Leadership + Wellness

Neelu Kaur

Neelu Kaur has found her ideal role helping others in their aspirations. What’s your story? My work is at the intersection of leadership and wellness. I help individuals, teams, and organizations be more productive, peaceful, and purposeful. What excites you most about your industry? I am at an intersection of …

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Kaitlyn Study – Owner & Creative Director of South Street & Co.

Kaitlyn Study

Moving from Dermatology to digital marketing is not everyone’s career move, but it is the one Kaitlyn Study took and now she and her team are helping businesses optimise their marketing strategies. What’s your story? I’m the owner and creative director of South Street & Co., a creative marketing agency. …

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Chesline Pierre-Paul – CEO of Chesline Pierre-Paul

Chesline Pierre-Paul

Chesline Pierre-Paul combines her disruptive instincts with lateral thinking to alter the perceptions of others. What’s your story? I am a unicorn. I am a disruptor, a media & language activist, poet, anti-colonialist, transformation coach, and social impact expert on innovation, economic empowerment, and rebellious leadership. I bring into disruptive …

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Julanne Dalke – Founder of Julannes Voiceovers

Julanne Dalke

Her passion for doing voice overs has grown Julanne Dalke’s business into areas of the industry beyond the obvious. What’s your story? Native of Oregon, resident of Phoenix AZ. Entrepreneur in creative fields. Voice Actor, writer, painter. Specialize in radio entertainment, writing, recording, directing, editing and producing powerful podcasts, commercials, …

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