You need to know about AI. Here’s why

You need to know about AI. Here's why

Businesses may utilise artificial intelligence to automate procedures and collect data. Before examining how AI is transforming the business environment, it’s important to comprehend AI. Artificial intelligence is computer software that mimics human capabilities including learning, planning and problem-solving.  5 Common Uses of Artificial Intelligence Personal assistants, machine learning, customer …

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Q&A: 5 Hot podcast topics for business

Q&A- 5 Hot podcast topics for business

Why do businesses use podcasts? – Business podcasts are typically educational in nature, providing listeners with information about the company’s products or services.– Business podcasts can also be used to promote special events or sales. In addition, many business podcasts feature interviews with experts in the company’s field. – Business podcasts …

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What’s in it for solopreneurs

What's in it for solopreneurs

In a world dominated by corporations and business conglomerates, the majority of global commerce is, remarkably, handled by small businesses. However, the term “small business” may be too broad, encompassing all companies employing fewer than 500 people. In 2019, the United States’ Small Business Administration (SBA) noted that a whopping …

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