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Company Culture – How a Positive Company Culture Affects Employee Behaviour

Company culture is a vital part of any business. It affects not only your employee’s well-being but their output as well. If one does not have a positive office culture, employees will find it hard to see value in their work and in the company itself. If employees continue to struggle because of negative company culture, it could lead to a lot of problems down the line.

As the saying goes, “Positive working environments lead to productive employees.” But does positive company culture correlate with employee behavior? Take a look at several results of positive company culture:

Competitive Recruits. Many HR personnel would say that the best way to draw interest to potential employees is good company culture. When a company, either big or small, has a positive company culture, people will hear about it from previous and current employees. Organizations with a positive culture will attract capable people who prefer a job where they can not only grow but also feel at home.

Loyalty. Businesses with a good corporate culture encourage loyalty among their employees. When employers care for their workforce, employees feel valued and satisfied at work regardless of their compensation. This will improve employee retention.

Performance. Companies that have a positive culture most often inspire their employees to do well, because when employees are happy, they are driven to be more productive and to come up with great ideas that will benefit the company.

Stress-Free Environment. Employees are happier when they are surrounded with positive energy at work. A positive company culture ensures staff do not have to endure physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion because of excessive stress. After all, “happy employees are healthy employees”.

It has been said that a positive company culture plays a huge role in a company’s success. According to Gallup research, companies who make their employees feel happy and valued at work tend to draw their employees’ full potential which then leads to producing better results. Like giving credit to where credit is due. Unfortunately roughly 65% feel that they do not get any form of recognition for a job done at work. When an employee feels disillusioned with their employer chances are they’ll find a place where appreciation and acknowledgment are generously given.

According to MBH Corporation PLC* CEO Callum Laing, “A great company culture separates the best companies from the ‘also rans’. Lots of companies think they have a good culture when things are going well, but it’s only when the chips are down that you really discover whether that culture really means anything.

Often company cultures are tied closely to the founder. It’s important if you want to maintain that culture as the company grows that habits and processes are formed throughout the business to actively maintain that culture.”

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