Drop your video bomb to breakthrough the noise and build trust; with Darin Dawson of Bombbomb

In our daily corporate lives, we consistently communicate with a lot of people – employees, partners, clients, potential clients, etc. But are we making the experience for these people personalized enough, or maximising the opportunities we could get from every email or message we send out? In this episode, Darin Dawson, President & CO-Founder of BombBomb, shares how you can use videos, and their platform, to personalize the way you could communicate and give a better experience to your recipients to help you build relationships with them, and build your brand and business. 

Darin also shares all about BombBomb – how it works, the pricing, and how it could help entrepreneurs like you #getnoticed using it – and how he gets himself and BombBomb #getnoticed using videos as well and building relationships with their employees and clients.

Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants

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