Daniel Schwartz

Explain what you do each day to a 5 year old (no crayons allowed). by Dan Schwartz

In my days, I wake up, get my 6-year-old ready for school, take him to school and then hit the gym (finally after more than 10 years away). Settle down to my work after that, which is to talk to many people and help them to get what they want in life. Some want to make money, so I help them with that using cryptocurrency or financial tools. Some want help in their business, so I ask a lot of questions and then help them figure out what to do. In simple words, I solve problems. Just like for you my 5-year-old friend, you want something that you can’t reach, so I solve that problem by getting it for you. Or you are hungry, so I make you something to eat, or take you to buy some food. That’s what I do!

About Daniel Schwartz

Business Leader, Author, Senior Executive, and Investor in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Management with extensive contacts and relationships throughout Asia in many Industries through the intense networking and relationship building over the past 23 years! Love to work with businesses to help them grow. If you are a startup or an MSME we can help you to gain access to the funds you need. If you are a trader or are looking to become your own mini VC or Ángel investor we can work with you too, along with these entities looking for funds. As a Co-founder of 3T International, members and customers are empowered to build their wealth in both traditional and the emerging cryptocurrency arena. 3T is focused on product development, Fund Raising via Cryptocurrency, Consulting, BTC OTC activities, Automated Expert Forex systems and Managed Forestry. As EVP and GM the Learning 365 Division of 3T, I am leading the team to deliver high-quality success education (in all areas of Success) tied to a high-powered blockchain-based affiliate marketing program with instant payout. I personally have significant experience in corporate management, leadership, training, selling, and networking. Have developed seminars in Sales, Training, Leadership, and Networking as well as MC'd for international speakers and hosted a monthly news segment on Channel 3 in Thailand. Currently, have a weekly podcast on Cryptocurrency and other non-traditional Financial assets such as Managed Forestry. Specialties: Management, Marketing, Business Development, Partnerships, Managing Relationships, Sales, Executive Speaking/Training, Leadership

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