Explain what you do each day to a 5 year old (no crayons allowed) by Ronawati Wongso

Every day, I teach a 5 year old his/her ABCs and what each letter stands for, just like how “A” is for apple. I also help them learn numbers and how to count, making it fun and easy to understand.

About Ronawati Wongso

Ronawati Wongso is CEO of Rantai Breakthrough Consulting, a business consultant specializing in profit optimization and company turnaround. She has thirty years of business experience as a leader and twenty years as CFO in various industries. She helps increase company profits massively, optimize profits and turnaround companies. Rona leads to change and transforms businesses by understanding the business, finding the root cause of problems, and implementing the right solutions. To connect with Ronawati Wongso visit

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