How and why you should create a Sales Funnel through your podcast; with Anna Parker-Naples of The Podcast Agency

It’s amazing to know that podcasters are now a more trusted source of information compared to other media channels, according to the Podcast Strategist. And in this episode, Anna Parker-Naples, CEO of The Podcast Membership and The Podcast Agency, explains how podcasts can help you create your sales funnel aside from just getting noticed.

She also explains in more detail what should be the content of your podcasts so your audience could trust you more, so you can build your sales funnel. Anna also explains how you could start with only 10 episodes and what should be the elements of those 10 episodes, and how The Podcast Agency can help entrepreneurs like you to do that to get more sales and #getnoticed. And lastly, she shares how she makes herself and her business #getnoticed.

Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants

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