How best to market to Gen Z

How best to market to Gen Z

Marketing to Generation Z might seem like a difficult endeavour, but it’s simpler than you might think to appeal to a younger demographic.

What’s the Gen Z audience like?

To begin with, marketers need to analyse the characteristics of the so-called “digital natives”. The next generation, known as Generation Z, is forward-thinking, diverse and well-educated. Before making a purchase, this generation considers all options, avoids labels and is open-minded.

To take advantage of Gen Z’s massive purchasing power, marketers must first comprehend this younger generation. New commercial prospects and social media trends are both guaranteed for companies as a result of this move. How? Let’s take a look at five ways you can gain their trust.

  1. Make visual material the primary focus of your efforts

As many as 81 percent of Generation Zs say Instagram and YouTube are their two favourite social media platforms. When asked which social media networks Generation Z would want to see more of, 56 percent said Instagram and 38 percent said YouTube.

Marketers should think about leveraging visual platforms like Instagram Stories into their campaigns and creating bite-sized content.

  1. Use time-sensitive postings to pique their interest and arouse their fear of missing out

Consider tapping on Gen Z’s Fear Of Missing Out while marketing to this generation (FOMO).

Marketers may use Instagram Stories to generate time-sensitive interactions and become a permanent feature in their followers’ feeds. Companies may now utilise Instagram’s new Drops feature, which complements Stories in generating buzz for upcoming items.

  1. Showcase the sense of humour of your brand – if possible

The majority of Gen Z prefers to support companies they see as “fun” and “cool”, despite the obviousness of this statement.

That may help to explain the rising popularity of humourous and meme-centric social media posts among a more youthful demographic.

  1. Accept customer reviews

When all else fails, a brand’s best move may be to say nothing at all. Eighty-two percent of Gen Z shoppers will buy a brand after reading social media reviews, according to Sprout’s Digital Natives Report.

Customer testimonials may assist enhance your brand’s online reputation, educating prospective new consumers, and reinforcing your social proof. Customers’ reviews and user-generated material are often shared on Five Guys’ timelines.

  1. Use tags to engage

Marketing targeting Generation Z people requires tagging. As in:

  • Promoting user-generated content (consumer photographs) using a branded hashtag

allows users to self-tag at a brand’s location.

  • Asking consumers to tag friends and family to get more social media followers

Customers that use the hashtags #Uniqlo or #LifeWear, for example, are highlighted on Uniqlo’s Instagram Stories.

How are you reaching out to the younger generation?

Marketing to youngsters may take some finesse, but it isn’t only for the “hip” companies on social media.

More visuals? More sincerity? More back and forth with customers? They like them all. Brands can develop beneficial partnerships that benefit all parties involved by learning about Gen Z’s tastes and what sets them apart from previous generations.

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