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How COVID-19 Vaccination Impacts Small Businesses

Small businesses are optimistic to get back on track as the COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Countries from all over the world implemented community lockdowns with specified restrictions depending on the spikes of COVID cases in their country. Guidelines were imposed to get citizens acquainted with the ‘new normal’. 

The pandemic made a strong impact as the global economy shrunk by 5.2% at the end of 2020. Businesses were unable to operate as the virus infected people at an unimaginable speed. Both small and large-scale businesses experienced difficult times. Some didn’t survive, others struggled on but had to lay off some of their employees to make up for their losses.

Pandemic pivots

Unfortunate events like employees being laid off, business closures, and alternate shifting encouraged startup owners to be more creative and resilient. Operations adapted to the new normal and social distancing policies by lesser person-to-person interaction.

Surviving industries took advantage of other methods to attract consumers without being physically present in an actual store. Entrepreneurs resorted to online selling apps and deliveries to keep people purchasing despite the pandemic. Establishments opted for this method to avoid unnecessary human contact and continue the circulation of the business.

The effect of COVID 19 vaccines on small businesses

Evidently, the rollout of COVID 19 vaccines will help small businesses regain their capability to operate. If the entire population gets vaccinated, people won’t have to worry about the comorbidity risk of the virus. 

Primary health protocols like social distancing will not hinder the full manpower shifting. Operations can go back to normal since everyone has immunity to the virus. Business establishments won’t have to implement strict protocols for their staff and customers.

The reality of COVID-19 vaccines

Physician Anthony Fauci suggests that it will take countries to vaccinate 70% to 85% of the population for things to go back to normal

‘In the Health Care sector, we care for the most vulnerable in society, the impact on everyone working in the sector has been challenging and profound. Being fully vaccinated can literally mean the difference between life and death, but in all areas of our business vaccinations have given all our staff much more confidence to go about their business, knowing that they are playing their part in keeping people safe.’ | Vicky Smith, Principal Care Manager Samuel Hobson*

Vaccination does not mean the economy will go back to normal in an instant.  Several countries are having difficulties in rolling out the vaccination process. Some vaccines have a short shelf life. And in other nations, there’s a shortage of medical workers who can execute vaccination procedures. 

Merging the old and the new normal

The pandemic caused a lot of negative consequences for small businesses. But it pushed companies to implement new approaches and strategies.

According to Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup; “Today, technology breakthroughs are driving mass vaccination programmes, workforce transformation, and flexibility.“*

While everyone is waiting for the economic recovery from the pandemic, combining the business method of the previous generation and the tech-based style of the new generation could be a good idea.

The future of startups relies on the success of the COVID-19 vaccination. It dictates the strategies that companies have to implement moving forward. Small businesses have to work closely with authorities to get back to normal sooner than later.

Let us know how you are doing your part to drive vaccination adoption, and engender trust in the vaccination process.

*Samuel Hobson is a UK based care-home, specialised in dementia care for the elderly, that is part of the MBH Corporation PLC. If you are a small business owner that would like to learn how you can benefit from being part of a public company without the cost or losing control please click here.

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