Aden Liu

How does building your profile help in your day to day business?

Your reputation literally precedes you. Whilst creating false impressions is certainly frowned upon, building a prominent and solid profile that accurately represents your personality and strengths is invaluable as a mental shortcut for others to know you and serves as a starting point for them to being trusting you, sometimes even before they have met you.

With this advantage, you will be all the more convincing, likeable and familiar to the people you transact business with. Also a lot of fine nuances in terms of your unique selling point, style of work and even personal lifestyle preferences become apparent – making it easier for like-minded people to find and connect with you.

Making an impression has never been easier – with wide-spread access to social media these days. Do not miss the opportunity to create an effective personal profile.

About Aden Liu

Across all aspects of my life is the pursuit of greater profundity, finely-calibrated balance and a sense of uniqueness - then topping it all with a dash of fun and personality!

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