Zac Chua

How does building your profile help in your day to day business?

Personal branding is everything.

Having an excellent personal brand makes people want to work with you.

People will reach out to you instead of the other way round, and you have more choices/options to choose from.

If I could restart my business journey all over again, I would have started with PR.

The same analogy applies for personal.

About Zac Chua

After building a sizeable portfolio from investments during his university days, Zac Chua challenged himself to go a step further – starting his own F&B company. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Management from SMU, Zac put his career plans on hold and dedicated himself full-time to transforming his passion for popcorn into a business. In July 2017, The Kettle Gourmet was born - and the rest was history.

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