Gwarega Dambudzo

How important is a sense of humour in your business? Anything too serious to be joked about? by Gwarega Dambudzo

A leader’s ability to infuse humour into situations demonstrates resilience and adaptability, essential qualities in navigating the business world’s challenges. A sense of humour can help business leaders to foster a positive workplace culture, enhance communication, and build team rapport. Moreover, humour can diffuse tension, alleviate stress, and promote a creative environment. I often draw on my humorous side when leading my board, executive or project team members to create an open and unintimidating environment for honest engagements. However, timing is vital as a mistimed joke may seem like a subtle attack on some members, particularly for jokes involving certain groups or individuals. Moreover, cultural sensitivity becomes very critical when dropping jokes in multi-cultural set-ups. Overall, I find a sense of humour to contribute to a more enjoyable work atmosphere and plays a strategic role in leadership effectiveness and team dynamics.

About Gwarega Dambudzo

With a background in social and economic infrastructure delivery as an engineer, I redirected my energy into mentoring owners of small and medium-sized businesses to formalise their structures, comply with legislation, improve operations and financial performance, manage risk, and build strategic partnerships. An MBA qualification helped me to hone these skills while leading and managing a consulting engineering practice I founded more than ten years ago. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategy, governance, stakeholder engagement and risk management, skills I am ready to deploy on any Board as a non-executive director. On the topical nexus of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), I believe diversity and inclusivity are beneficial to organisations and should be leveraged responsibly without destroying the value-creating capacity of the organisations.

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