How the emotional effect of money, and communication, can get you noticed; with Bob Wheeler, Author and Owner of The Money Nerve

We’re all emotional beings, says Bob Wheeler, Author and Owner of The Money Nerve. In this episode, he shares how the emotional aspects of money, and communication, can get you noticed.

Bob also shares why and how you should know your worth as an entrepreneur and business owner to yourself and to your clients, and how this could help you boost your self-confidence around money, pricing, and negotiation. He also shares how Money Nerve can help entrepreneurs like yourself to be ‘confident and sexy’, and how they get themselves and himself noticed.

The Marque of an Entrepreneur
Get noticed as an entrepreneur with the 19 Dots range of merchandise; bottles, cups, caps et al

Social listening – google alert killer!
Generate leads and market your product using social listening

Get Otter with 1-month FREE Pro Lite
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Graphic design toolbox – Visme
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