How to design an in-person day employees won't want to miss

How to design an in-person day employees won’t want to miss

The pandemic created a world where working remotely is the norm. No longer are employees restricted to offices; if your constant presence is not required to keep the lights running, you can work from a much safer, though probably more isolated, space. 

However, constantly evolving health and safety measures make the concept of hybrid work possible. Getting people back to the workplace, though, does not guarantee productive days. Many people still prefer to work remotely, and a brief return to the office may only feel like a chore. 

As a manager or entrepreneur, you will probably want to encourage your people to embrace in-person days, especially now that the pandemic may soon be coming to a close. In this article, we will tackle just how you can make in-person days more engaging and productive for you and your employees. 

Why return to onsite work?

Although many workers found satisfaction when working from home, it is also important for them to return to the office at least once a week. Consider the following reasons:

  • Your company needs time to come together physically. Simply being together in one work facility reinforces the idea that employees are part of a bigger organisation. Being together also creates opportunities to catch up and improve employee-to-employee relationships.
  • Working onsite fosters healthier collaboration. As other employees are physically present around you, it will be much easier to work together on certain tasks. Getting help will not be difficult either.
  • Onsite work can lead to better job satisfaction. With better collaborative relationships between employees, there is less frustration at work and a healthier workplace environment. 

How to design productive, meaningful in-person days?

Many employees may find themselves unprepared to go back to onsite work setups, especially if working from home is a more productive choice. As such, it is necessary to encourage a return to onsite work. This would mean creating in-person days that your workers will want to attend and, according to Harvard Business Review, there are three ways to do this: 

  • Design around your values. Put your values front and centre when designing in-person days. For instance, if you run a company that emphasises teamwork, you can create events like team lunches and collaborative work sessions. 
  • Encourage professional growth. Your in-person days should create opportunities for professional development. When such opportunities are present, engagement can go up by 15%. Better engagement can translate to in-person days that your employees will definitely enjoy taking part in. 
  • Shared rituals are important. When you bring people together, you want to unite them around something they have in common. In workplaces, this may mean shared rituals like lunch and downtime habits. Take note of these routines, and be sure to incorporate them into your in-person days.

The passing of the pandemic may not spell the end for hybrid work setups. However, it is not unrealistic to expect more in-person days to be the post-pandemic norm. It is essential that employees once again embrace the concept of working onsite if you are to maintain productivity in a recovering world.

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