How to focus like Mclaren on your profile, with Paul Teasdale

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, host Jim James speaks with Paul Teasdale, a former member of the McLaren F1 team, about how entrepreneurs can get noticed and enhance their businesses. Teasdale shares that he helps people apply his Formula One and McLaren knowledge to help them understand the principles and methods that make high performance accessible, no matter the context. He also defines a high-performing team as one that outperforms competitors and allows individuals to perform at their best, while coming together as a team.

Teasdale emphasises that a high-performing team has a single goal, and the secret to McLaren’s success is concentration. He also discusses how he built his own brand by using his experiences at McLaren and being honest about his expertise. He advises entrepreneurs to talk to people and always focus on performance, discussing their goals and potential. Ultimately, Teasdale stresses the importance of being authentic and having deliverables of your own in order to get noticed and stand out.

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