How to get the most out of LinkedIn

How to get the most out of LinkedIn

Many would describe LinkedIn as Facebook in a business suit, but that is not exactly the case. Long the haunt of professionals looking to showcase their worth and link up with their peers, LinkedIn has connected talents and businesses for over 18 years. 

Choose a professional profile picture and background photo.

First impressions matter and this is what your profile and background pictures give your viewers. For your business page, be sure to use your logo as a profile picture. For your background photo, you might want to feature your team to give a preview of your work culture. You might also want to put up a quick infographic that shows what your company does and what you offer.  

Tell a story in your profile.

Show your viewers what you’re up to. If you are hiring or if you are launching a new product, be sure to talk about it in your headline. Meanwhile, your profile summary provides an excellent opportunity to tell an engaging story about your business and link potential customers to your offers. Keep it short and avoid buzzwords.

Highlight your offers and your work culture.

Give due emphasis to the products and services that your business is offering. This should clearly state what your company is about and to whom you intend to do business with. You should also put your work culture under the spotlight. In the process, you will let potential hires know what to expect from your company while promoting the positive work culture behind your business operations.

Follow thought leaders relevant to your industry.

The words of LinkedIn influencers have weight and, unlike in other social media platforms, they are industry veterans who tend to know what they are talking about. They can give guidance and inspiration to businesses, and following them is more than worth it. You can then share their relevant posts to add a bit more depth and activity to your business profile.

Create content to engage with LinkedIn users.

Write and publish content drawn from your knowledge and experiences in running your business. Make it informative, and be sure to create it in a way that can trigger online discussion. You can talk about recent happenings in your niche, unique tips and tricks, controversial topics, or lessons from recent experience. Do so regularly and be a thought leader in your market yourself.

Engage with your audience.

When you have successfully created any sort of discussion, don’t just stand back and watch the discourse unfold. Join in the fray and offer your insights and response. In that way, you get to engage with potential clients and talents that might potentially want to join your team.

LinkedIn is both a great source of talent that will add vigor to your business operations and a marketing platform. Don’t ignore it in your quest to get social media engagement from the more mainstream networks. Give it a shot if the thought is yet to cross your mind. 

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