How to turn customer's bad experiences into positive ones

How to turn customer’s bad experiences into positive ones

Customers don’t always leave a transaction with smiles on their faces. At this point, marketing and customer service teams brace themselves for negative reviews and bad social media buzz.

It doesn’t need to be a downhill ride from there. You can always turn bad customer experiences around and reap more benefits than by just letting the news die down. Let’s give a few methods a good look. 

1. Respond immediately

77% of customers find that it is very important for companies to value their time. And it is crucial for businesses to respond to complaints or issues as soon as they come up to address the problem without delay.

2. Listen intently

Once you have gotten in touch with a customer who’s unhappy with their recent experience in your business, it pays to keep your ear open to every detail. Listen closely to what they have in mind, and take note of everything that made them dissatisfied with that problematic transaction they have with your company. Don’t be passive either; ask relevant questions to better understand your customer and not just the issue at hand.

3. Get the customer involved

When talking to your customer, don’t just ask questions that shed light on the issue. Communicate with them with empathy, emphasising that you understand how frustrating it must have been and that you’re willing to work with them toward coming up with a solution

is for them (regardless if you agree with their sentiments or not). In this regard, it helps that you ask for their help and feedback, and be genuinely grateful for the effort to work with you towards a solution.

4. Communicate the resolution

No problem will remain unsolved, especially when enough attention is put to it. Be mindful enough to inform them that you have solved their problem, and that you have implemented changes that will prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

5. Try to win them back

Your angry customer is now happy with your prompt response – should you stop there? Definitely not. You may, for instance, provide them with a generous discount or a nifty promotion to make up for prior lapses. In this way, you turn them once again into a paying customer, possibly one made loyal by the immediate resolution of their issue. 

In conclusion

Mishaps can happen in business, and you may end up with one too many unhappy customers. While this may leave a wrinkle in your business’s reputation, you should make an effort to turn this into an opportunity. Turn the negative experience around, and you will be sure to open windows for improvement and attract more customers.

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