How you can reach the 25M mark through joint ventures and partnerships; With Mac Attram

Over the span of 8 years, our guest for this episode, Mac Attram, founder of MindSpace Coaching, has generated over $25 million through his joint business ventures, which for him is the fastest, most lucrative, least competitive form of marketing he’s found. And in this episode, he shares how joint ventures and partnerships can get you noticed and also double or triple your revenue.

Mac also generously shares his six-step process to successfully build a joint venture or partnership relationship to help scale your business, some tips on how you could effectively communicate with your partners, even after the last step of his six-step process, and some case studies and examples of successful joint ventures and partnerships, of even some of the biggest companies worldwide. He also shares some warning signs when a partnership could go wrong or unsuccessful, and how he gets himself and his coaching business #getnoticed.

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