How you could take advantage of the opportunities on LinkedIn with automation; With Guillaume Portalier of Waalaxy

With over 6 billion users around the Globe, LinkedIn is the first platform that B2B businesses’ go-to to generate leads – either by Demand Generation or Lead Generation.

In this episode, Guillaume Portalier, Founder of Waalaxy, explains the different demand generation and lead generation, and how their platform, Walaaxy, can help entrepreneurs like you to #getnoticed on LinkedIn and scale your lead generation strategies through automation, not just on LinkedIn but also on email.

Guillaume also shares how Waalaxy works from selecting your leads to importing them to Waalaxy, to setting up the automated messages, follow-ups, and emails, to their last point of contact within the automated steps.

If you’re interested to try Waalaxy, they now offer a FREE 2-month trial –

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