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If you could gain one quality or ability that would significantly increase your business success what would it be? by Dark Joseph Ravine

The one ability that I could gain that would significantly increase my business success would be trust from celebrities, businesses, and influencers. According to research, influencer marketing results in increased sales much more than ads. Of course, I would only want influencers, celebrities, and businesses, who have genuine interest in my business and not those who are paid for their rave review, to represent my business. Genuine interest builds trust and paid interest does not. As the saying goes, “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything.” Another reality is that success in business today depends largely on how many people like you and your products. Without people liking you and your products, there is practically no chance of achieving success in business.

Dark Joseph Ravine

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Social media influencer and founder of Kindness for Success. Mission to promote positivity and kindness worldwide.

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