Gwarega Dambudzo

If you could gain one quality or ability that would significantly increase your business success what would it be? by Gwarega Dambudzo

When one has managed to grow a business in a local market, the natural progression is regional or international expansion. This growth phase requires credible international partners. Therefore, success in establishing a network of international partners with whom we can form mutually beneficial strategic collaborations to pursue suitable opportunities will open new markets and increase our business growth and success. We prefer partners who see and acknowledge the value that our growing business brings to the table and are willing to walk the journey with us and not take advantage of our newness and smallness on the international market.

About Gwarega Dambudzo

With a background in social and economic infrastructure delivery as an engineer, I redirected my energy into mentoring owners of small and medium-sized businesses to formalise their structures, comply with legislation, improve operations and financial performance, manage risk, and build strategic partnerships. An MBA qualification helped me to hone these skills while leading and managing a consulting engineering practice I founded more than ten years ago. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategy, governance, stakeholder engagement and risk management, skills I am ready to deploy on any Board as a non-executive director. On the topical nexus of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), I believe diversity and inclusivity are beneficial to organisations and should be leveraged responsibly without destroying the value-creating capacity of the organisations.

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