Mark Newsome

If you could gain one quality or ability that would significantly increase your business success what would it be? by Mark Newsome

If I could gain any one potential advantage or ability to compete over all others.

It would be to gain the ability to have influence over at least 50-75% influence over the major influencers in my particular industry.

This way I would be able to systematically multiply best overall results for literally pennies on the dollar.

And as their influence grew so would my results. Which would continue to open future doors and saves tons of time and extremely valuable resources.

Plus steadily increase my ability to provide value to my market place.

About Mark Newsome

Mark Newsome (aka) Mr. marketing. I help business owners or service providers "discover" how to stop just working incredibly hard in their business or services. And start strategically working on them. By using simple, little known, rarely revealed, low cost marketing strategies and tactics. Which leverage previously considered "dead" or under utilized assets or resources. So you or your major competitors start consistently generating at least 25% more gross front and back end profits. For literally pennies on the dollar.

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