Mark Newsome

If you were starting your business from scratch today, what would be the biggest change? by Mark Newsome

Without a doubt. Were I starting over today from scratch. And was trying to optimize my chances for long term success.

I would immediately begin to form as many power partnerships (aka) mutually beneficial Joint Venture (JV) arrangements as possible. This way each partner and myself could systematically leverage each others strengths.

And help minimize each others weaknesses. Plus this proven approach allows you to not only
benefit from all the current resources, contacts and assets they already have. But the ones they’ll have
in the not so distant future.

About Mark Newsome

Mark Newsome (aka) Mr. marketing. I help business owners or service providers "discover" how to stop just working incredibly hard in their business or services. And start strategically working on them. By using simple, little known, rarely revealed, low cost marketing strategies and tactics. Which leverage previously considered "dead" or under utilized assets or resources. So you or your major competitors start consistently generating at least 25% more gross front and back end profits. For literally pennies on the dollar.

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