Sarah Kalmeta

In an average week, how much of your time is spent doing the work that truly lights you up? How could you increase that? by Sarah Kalmeta

I would say at least 60%, and that is on a bad week! I have learned to take acton that is energetically aligned with how I am feeling that day so that I am always feeling great about what I do. I use time blocking strategies to help make sure I make progress on the things that matter most to me with consistency and discipline. This helps when motivation is down!

About Sarah Kalmeta

"Sarah the Pivoter” is a Success Coach. Lecturer. Reiki Practitioner. Authenticity Advocate. Public Speaker. Dual Business Owner. Sarah is a Corporate Escapee and modern day Viking - that is, one who approaches the unknown with curiosity and strives to face hardships with courage. Having worked hard, and played harder, for 15 years in the corporate world, she now explores the other side of high performance and the impact it has on peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. Sarah helps people navigate life’s changes through emotional mastery, healthy boundaries and communication. She offers a holistic approach, addressing the Mind, Body and Soul to help others Reframe and build new neural pathways through micro-steps and unique, science-backed approaches. When she isn’t helping others refill their cup, Sarah can be found in the forest, doing something unusual like standing on her head or enjoying a good bourbon with friends.

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