Sabrina Osso

In business, when is it acceptable to lie by Sabrina Osso

At times, you have to do the wrong thing in order to do the right thing, because the right thing FAR outweighs the wrong thing. Therefore, when you are in a business situation where the result will be for the good and well being of all, then, yes, it is acceptable to lie, and I would even add, you must, otherwise the consequences will hurt everyone and beyond.

About Sabrina Osso

Sabrina Osso is Founder and CEO of OSSO SAFE. She is a TEDx Speaker, Real Estate Agent, and Consultant on promoting safety and preventing violence in the workplace, schools, and in places of residence. Sabrina’s personal and professional experience with the subject allows her to bring a unique and holistic approach for employers, landlords, tenants, students, and teachers. She was honored and grateful to have been one of the featured TEDx Talk Speakers at New Jersey City University. Sabrina has been hired for numerous speaking engagements throughout NY/NJ, including radio and podcast interviews. She is also a professional dancer/actress who uses her performance talents to educate on the subject. As a real estate agent, Sabrina is bridging the real estate industry with Osso Safe.

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