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Working on your business is no longer an option. What global problem would you most like to throw yourself at trying to solve and why? by Sarah Kalmeta

Sarah Kalmeta

Global problem I’d like to solve – the pandemic of emotional illiteracy and inability to communicate and connect with other humans. Emotional connection is at the core of being human. We have abysmal education on this in schools and often even worse dynamics modelled at home growing up. It’s time …

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What is your best time management or prioritisation hack that you use? by Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz

My best time management/prioritization hack is: Figure out who your A1 Prospects/Clients/Partners are depending on your role, determine whatever tasks you need to complete to move them forward, after you finish those tasks you can look at others. An A1 Client, for instance could be a Fortune 1000 company you …

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