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In the last 12 months, the people you’ve met, the experiences you’ve had, the places you’ve been, what has been the highlight of the year (does not need to be related to business) by Sarah Kalmeta

Sarah Kalmeta

100% hands down the highlight of my last 12 months was returning to the US to visit my close friends and family. It’s been full of highs, lows, reconnections, rebirths, evolution, laughs, tears and returning to self. A true homecoming. My flight has been cancelled back to where I live …

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What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career? by Katrina Julia

Katrina Julia

There are so many skills I have developed since leaving formal education including digital marketing, online courses, community creation, and content creation. This has spanned now 7+ years across informal education from podcasts, sources like Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Herbalife Nutrition, Rachel Hollis, Tommy Newberry, The Cru, BossBabe and more. …

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