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If you could gain one quality or ability that would significantly increase your business success what would it be? by Lavania Rosie

Lavania Rosie

Finding the courage to network. Being an introvert, although most don’t believe that’s my innate character, I was always told to listen and not talk. Also blame it on our school system for not encouraging us to speak up or share opinions/views. So naturally, that followed me through to adulthood. …

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What coming technological advancement do you expect to have the biggest impact on your business? by Prachi Saini Garg

Prachi Saini Garg

Expect perfumery going digital & other technological advancement soon that will change the industry permanently. Perfume making process has been same for over a centuries and the change is long over due. Good news is that its just around the corner. There have been amazing technological advancement with regards to …

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