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what do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

Chesline Pierre-Paul

You come into a niched-down field already empowered by authority; languaging your power outwards ultimately amounts to conveying in value-adding, targeted, & simplistic ways the authority you’ve matured into & are well-positioned to proffer. What’s more, audacity is of the essence – committing to sustainably serializing content, products, & opportunities …

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What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?

Christantio Giovanni

As someone who is passionate about motion design and animation, I’m optimistic about the marketing industry’s increasing adoption of videos. More and more brands are trying to stand out on digital platforms (e.g. social media and websites) with videos, GIFs, and subtle but eye-catching animation. Even platforms like Instagram, which …

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QIf you could gain one quality or ability that would significantly increase your business success what would it be?

Sarah Kalmeta

Hands down being more comfortable with sales. While I am fervently passionate about what I do and know my WHY, I sometimes still get uncomfortable with sales conversations. Working through these blocks are important in not only making sure I have a sustainable runway ahead, but most importantly to bring …

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