We are interviewing Entrepreneurs around the globe! This interview series aims to shine the spotlight on the most amazing entrepreneurs doing the most amazing things. These interviews are part of the CallumConnects series.

  • 5 Reasons You should Forecast More Frequently in Unprecedented Times – Tim Gray

    Supply chains crisscross the globe and bring together goods, technology, people, innovation, training, and investment to manufacture products that most people couldn’t access, or afford to buy, a few decades ago. Supply chains form the backbone of the global economy. And when times are good and a company’s supply chains are flowing predictably, a lot of management focus is on market growth and cost optimisation. Things don’t always go smoothly and disruptions in our supply lines are common. With mature supply chains, the challenges faced along the nodes of it can often be resolved without customers being aware that their …

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  • Tim Gray – Founder and Managing Director of Prophit Systems