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Introvert or extrovert? How that helped or hindered you in running your outfit? by Katrina Julia

I learned I am an Ambivert – which is neither or BOTH! An Ambivert is highly introverted + needs down time after interacting with people online and in real life. People mistake us for extroverts because when we are on, are on. We light up when we are sharing our passion and purpose with people.

I learned this about myself cerca 2013 after a lot of inner work and investment in myself. I used to think I was extroverted and let the world convince me that I was and that it was best for me. This led to burn-out, misalignment to my purpose and calling. Once I started taking care of me first, everything shifted including weight loss of 55+ lbs, ceasing alcohol drinking, and helping others exponentially transform in how they #CREATEIT Like a Boss (a life + business they love with freedom).

This has changed everything about my life + business from where I focus my time, my business model for freedom + service + automation + delegation, and who I connect + create with unapologetically.

For example, knowing what I know about myself and creating a limitless life of freedom in all forms, this has led me to create a Lifestyle Brand Business model which includes a framework of:

  • Freebies with Blog, Show, Social Media, Freebies Library with Automation flowing into Courses + Mastermind
  • Courses + Mastermind integrated with tips, tools and tech with 3+ income streams
  • Global Retreats that integrate all the above and in real life
  • Community creation with Influencer Marketing + Management + Agency with 3+ income streams
  • Brand Engagements including wellness, wealth, marketing, biz and travel that scale all the above
    Scaling >75% of the biz with tech + teams
  • Fundraisers +giving back 10% to help end homelessness starting in Atlanta , end cancer, help vets and battered women!

Getting clear on who you are, setting boundaries, and being intentional will transform every area of your life and business.

About Katrina Julia

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, athlete, and traveler with experience in 7+ industries, with a MBA, CPA and NASM Fitness Certifications. I have transformed every area of life + love helping people create + scale a life + business they love. Brands served include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Victoria's Secret. Results include 3000% ROI, 300 million in reach, and 6-8 figures for others regularly. I am currently traveling the world + speak four languages including Spanish, and cover wellness, faith, business and travel. I LOVE creating a life + business + love + helping others #CREATEIT too!

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